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XCARD helps you with Crypto and FIAT payments

As the development of Cryptocurrency in all corners of the world is very fast. Still, there are quite a lot of problems that are felt by crypto asset holders, the article is now not easy to buy Crypto, Use Crypto or use Crypto, Many lay people are reluctant to know Crypto because it looks not easy and complicated, but do you know? There is a new Wallet that can combine Crypto and FIAT into one, introduce this Wallet called XCARD, and this time, the admin will discuss an article about XCARD, of course.

What is XCard?


XCARD is a Wallet created to combine 2 assets, Cryptocurrency and FIAT, XCARD claims that the Wallet is safe and easy to use, The uniqueness of XCARD is that this Wallet has a Payment Card that allows 50 Million Crypto Users to use Crypto and Fiat Assets, of course, easily in all corners of the world.

If it is read from the whitepaper, XCARD revealed that it will make the experience for its users when using XCARD Wallet as easy as using FIAT money even though the user is using it for the first time or for users who are used to using it.

What Solution does XCARD provide?

XCARD launches a Credit Card called the XCARD Biometric Credit Card by VISA that enables the instant and safe use of Crypto and FIAT, this card can be used instantly at POS, for e-commerce payments and can also be used for cash withdrawals at ATMs.

XCARD makes it very easy for users with no requirements to top up the card first.

The XCARD onboarding process is as easy as opening an account when a user opens an account with a BANK and Buying Crypto is as easy as buying coffee, after the user uses it, the user can immediately trade instantly.

XCARD claims to allow trading with more than 200 cryptos (including Alts), FIAT to crypto or Crypto to FIAT can be converted directly, efficiently, and instantly.

Who is the Target Market XCARD?

XCARD targets to target more than 20 million Crypto users who are looking for direct transfers and exchanges, loans, and payments using virtual assets.

XCARD also does not forget to target more than 1000 crypto exchanges that can benefit from the distribution of liquidity, pool from outside parties, through order books and white-labeled solutions such as

  • Payment Card
  • Short-term loan
  • Transfer directly from Fiat to Crypto or vice versa.

Helping 500 More ICO & Token Platforms that are struggling from the lack of opportunities to get their token buyers instantly, at XCARD ICO owners can offer instant token purchases using FIAT, Debit, or Credit cards, using a secured wallet.

Targeting 20 Million Merchants to join to be able to allow buyers to pay with the Cryptocurrency payment method if we know, now they only support payments using FIAT.

There are at least 300 million more people in the world who do not use banks, and young people prefer freedom and ease of use. In 2023 XCARD claims to be able to reach 2% of the current market value of USD 30 billion with 2 million active users through cooperation with several exchanges.

Dont Forget Join XCARD Official Channels:

Website: http://xcard.io/
Telegram Chat: https://t.me/mobilumcom
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xcardbymobilum
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mobilumcom/
Medium: https://medium.com/mobilumcom
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