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Utilization of Blockchain Technology by EZ365

If Speaking of Games, the Industry has a big enough share for now, who try not to play games for now? from the old to the young certainly all have played games.

Now we enter the discussion about the Gaming Industry, Gaming Industry is an Industry that is included in the Large Global Market. Growth in Gaming is quite significant with the support of increasingly evolving technology. Many developers are competing to create games to enliven the Gaming Industry in the world if we quote from the EZ365 Whitepaper, there is written Global Game revenue in 2017 through USD 120 Billion.

If you look at the latest report made by, there are around 51% of the population taking part in some form of the game every year.

The gaming market itself is an industrial market that has quite potential for the next few years, with the support of increasingly developing technology like now.

What Causes the Rapid Growth of the Gaming Industry?

  1. Technology Development.
  2. The Number of New Developers and Competing to Make New Games.
  3. Lots of Market Game Market, Almost All People Play Games, Ranging from young people to the elderly.
  4. In several countries, the ban on gaming restrictions has begun to be removed.

And now the most loved blockchain technology, with the surefire blockchain technology EZ365, is part of the global Gaming Market Industry.

Allow the admin this time to discuss EZ365.

What is EZ365?

EZ365 is a digital ecosystem that combines some of the best aspects of online gaming, cryptocurrency trading, and blockchain education. EZ365 claims the platform will be straightforward to use and fun, so it helps users to easily play, trade, and while learning with digital assets.

EZ365 has 3 ecosystems, namely EZ Win, EZ Academy, and EZ Exchange, we discuss one by one.

What is EZ Win?

EZ Win is a gaming platform created by EZ365 based on online blockchain technology that offers a variety of games, including:

  1. Casino Games
  2. Sports Betting
  3. E-sport

What is EZ Exchange?

EZ Exchange is a Platform created by EZ365 aimed at digital trading assets.

What is EZ Academy

if we see from its name alone, it has been guessed, EZ Academy is a platform made by EZ365 that aims for Education / Academy.

EZ365 is utilizing the advancements in existing technology, it is proven that they make a quality platform and have explicit goals.

When visiting the website on the web, it says, "Built by Professionals that Protect the World Stock Market," meaning EZ365 will bring reliable power to the security of the financial market cryptocurrency.

When Can We Buy EZ365 Tokens?

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) EZ365 has been going on since September 2019; you can buy IEO Phase 1, which runs from 23 September 2019 - 31 December 2019 on the EZ365 website, link below.

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