Selasa, 22 Oktober 2019 Apparently Has Its Own Token

If, in the previous article, I discussed, allow me this time to review the token owned by, this token is named Simpleswap Coin with a code coin (SWAP), okay we will start making it happy.

What is the SWAP token?

SimpleSwap Coin is a token that was first published by an instant cryptocurrency platform, this token gets the code name SWAP.
If you haven't read what can, you read my writing about below. article

How Does SWAP Token Work?

SWAP has an internal currency function for customers, when grows fast, SWAP tokens will automatically be in high demand by the customers themselves.

SWAP tokens also function as a Loyalty Program and will provide enough benefits for holders of SWAP tokens, of course.

What are the Benefits if we have a SWAP token?

1. Will Get Cashback when we exchange Crypto money on
2. Get voting rights to determine the list of currencies that will be input in
3. Get Affiliate Rewards and Rewards.
4. Get personal support and many more features provided by for those who hold SWAP tokens.

Can SWAP be exchanged?

if quoted from the website, SWAP tokens will be listed on the cryptocurrency trading platform this month, for now, SWAP tokens are only available as exchange gifts on the website and as prizes.

How do we get the SWAP token?

1. If you exchange cryptocurrency money on the website, you will get a SWAPtoken prize, so don't wait long you can exchange the Cryptocurrency that you have for various cryptocurrencies at
2. The second way is that you can participate in the prize campaign, and you can get prizes in the form of SWAP tokens, the prize campaign itself has started on 30 September 2019.

What is the total Supply SWAP token?

Simpleswap coin or SWAP has a total supply of 100,000,000 SWAP and will have distributed 8,000,000 SWAP, below I will explain the distribution of SWAP token allocations.

4,000,000 SWAP will be distributed to Bounty, if you don't know, you can follow the bounty at the link below.

Bounty Link

4,000,000 SWAP will be distributed in stages among service customers, and every week, SWAP tokens will be sent to the ETH address of the customer who left the ETH address during the exchange process on the website. SWAP tokens are provided to affiliate partners, and it will be entered in the account of those who join the Affiliate program.

2,000,000 SWAP are reserved for team bonuses divided into 4 years, every 6 months will be distributed to the teams 12.5% ​​of the total 2,000,000 SWAPs.

4,000,000 SWAP Tokens are reserved for the development of the Website and others and are locked up for 6 months.

2,000,000 SWAP Reserved funds for risk prevention

3,000,000 SWAP Reserved for advisors

6,000,000 SWAP Will be distributed during the next 12 months - rewards, bounties, and market-making

75,000,000 SWAP Reserved for Private Investors (will be burning 12.5% ​​every 6 months, if there will be no investor interest during that period)

What are the future goals for the SWAP coin?

below I will provide the roadmap that I quoted from the website

If you still want to know more about SWAP Tokens, below, I will provide a SWAP token whitepaper link.

Whitepaper Link.

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